Features: The NOE collection is a system that includes sofas as well as numerous sectional elements, corners, side elements, chaise lounge and various poufs, which, combined as desired, offer innumerable combinations.  It recalls the Zoe series, first presented in 2006 and already in just a few years become an icon of design.  The NOE framework is made of self-bearing polyurethane:   this allows a very comfortable traditional seat without losing any of its appeal and lightness. According to upholstery cover is provided in three finishes: Visible Seams, Classical Stitching or with “Punto Cavallo” stitching. “Punto Cavallo” finish is available with up charge. Considering the shape and the characteristics of NOE we do not recommend fabrics that are too lightweight. NOE can be fitted with the BLOG tables, that can be used as work surfaces or, if equipped with cushions/armrest, as side supports.  The cushions/armrest available are round or square. An heavy armrest with wool padding to be placed on the seat offers a stable and comfortable support. For a larger surface, it is possible to use the Argo table. Covers are completely and easily removable. The elements are supplied as standard with a  practical hooking system.

Technical Specifications

Available Finishes: -“Visible Seams”: Can be provided with suitable fabrics as well as with any kind of leather. In leather Zoe is provided as standard with Visible Seams only. –“Classical Stitching”: With all other fabrics we provide classical stitching with piping in the same fabric and colour. – “Punto Cavallo”: Decorative stitching available in 11 colours to be matched at pleasure with the fabric. Fabric has to be chosen among those specified as suitable. This finish is available with up charge.

Framework-Padding: Plywood base-panel, padding made partly of rigid self-supporting polyurethane, forming the framework, and partly of polyurethane fibres in different densities, suitable to guarantee high comfort.  The inside of the backrest and of the seat is covered by “BALL” type polyester fibre contained in a lining made of many different compartments obtained with numerous partitions.  All the external parts are instead covered with flake polyester fibre covered, in its turn, by cotton cloth.  The “BALL” type polyester padding provides special comfort, as well as giving a particularly aged appearance specific to this fibre that must be accepted as it is intentional.  Black lacquered beech feet.

Data: 2009


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