Style according to Verzelloni

Style according to Verzelloni

Verzelloni interprets a sober and elegant style that is attentive to contemporary needs. This philosophy translates into essential shapes and soft materials that characterize a quietly environment, transforming it into a comfortable time, a moment to live. Verzelloni world is made of quiet simplicity and good taste; informal and attentive to details.

The clean style and the soft lines voted to contemporaneity gives birth to the sign that distinguishes Verzelloni and is realized in that feeling of protection which is felt when sit on our products.

The Verzelloni research center (CRD) and the synergy with the design studio Lievore Altherr Molina and the Garcia Cumini studio makes this style possible.

The living conceived in the Verzelloni laboratories is the projection of his personal values, reflected from the flexibility of use of his achievements in relation to the daily life requirements: all in order to realize the desire of comfort and elegance.

Every gesture of daily life is welcomed by our creations to give a sense of security and shelter that only your own home can recreate.